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Preparing life-long learners who impact the nations for the glory of God.

Educating, Equipping and Energizing Champions for Christ!

Spiritual Life

Here at Kingsway a biblical worldview is not just taught in Bible class or preached about in chapel, it is woven into the fabric of school life for every student.  Our purpose is to impact the heart of every student with the truth of the gospel, inspiring them to live out their faith.

We know the value of Christian Education and we endeavor to use this knowledge to benefit our students to the Glory of God.  We also realize that growth in knowledge cannot be equated with growth in wisdom.  The development of wisdom is promoted in our school as children study God's Word and learn about His creation from the perspective of our Christ-centered approach.


Kingsway offers:

  • Weekly Chapel Programs
  • Bible Classes taught K-12
  • Daily Student Devotions
  • Progressive Mission Trips for grades 6-12
  • Elementary Mission Week
  • Biblical Worldview integrated into all subjects K-12
  • Community Service Programs
  • Daily Staff Devotion Time
  • Weekly "Mom's In Prayer" Group Meetings


Christian Education  Values

 Christian Community Values
Secular Community Values
Prepared to Serve
Prepared to Compete
Fulfill your calling
Fulfill your dreams
Truth is absolute, you pursue it
Truth is relative, you decide
Lose your life, then you will find it
Live for yourself
Celebrates - kindness, respect, modesty
Celebrates - independence, protecting your rights, sensuality
God is the only source of true meaning
God is irrelevant
The world is ordered and held together by a loving God
The world operates on the principle of random chance
The Word of God and the souls of men are eternal
Nothing is eternal and transcendent
Motivated by advancing the Kingdom of God
Motivated by personal gain
Life is a mission.  "How can I help?"
Life is a business transaction.  "What do I get?"

Annual Mission Week

During Mission Week our Elementary students engage in service opportunities to the elderly.  Secondary students serve a variety of non-profit agencies in our county, state, nation, and overseas!


2018 Mission Trips

6th Grade - Skyview Ranch, Millersburg, OH

7th Grade - Lighthouse Ministries, Canton, OH

8th Grade - Washington D.C.

9th Grade - JAARS Tribal Missions Training, JAARS, NC

10th Grade - City Challenge, Columbus, OH

11th Grade - Urban Hope Philadelphia, PA

12th Grade - Costa Rica

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