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Understanding Kingsway's Mission, Vision & Core Values


Our Mission is  Relational


In 2010 the Kingsway school board invested significant effort to update this document to more accurately reflect the principles on which Kingsway was established. They represent a conviction that the overarching theme of the Bible is relational. God is a relational God and the Bible is the final authority on relationships. God, in His very essence as a triune God, is relational.

When we say “God is love” we are referring to the perfect love expressed in the relationship between the three per-sons of the Trinity. In the creation of man, God said “let Us make man in our own image”, proclaiming to all of creation that He intended to bring us into that same kind of perfect love relationship. He wants our relationship with each other to look like the relationship between the Father and Son. He promises that when we get our love relationships right, the world will take notice (John 17:20).


Our Identity is in Christ and His Kingdom


Relationship is the context in which all our programs must exist. We believe in excellence and striving for a high standard in all that we do, but that is not where we find our identity. It is not in athletics, or fine arts, or academics or service projects or anything we do. Our mission is a dis-tinctly Christian concept! Our identity should not be in our performance. We were created to reflect His glory and our redemption was intended to fulfill that purpose. Our iden-tity is in Christ and our calling is to advance His Kingdom. 


Our Educational Strategy is for the Whole Person


Our identity in Him does not reduce the importance of the programs we pursue. But it does define them. God has uniquely equipped each student to fulfill His calling in their lives. Our education is not just about doing our best in school so we can have a good career and enjoy life. Our ultimate goal is for every student to begin to discover that they are a one-of-a-kind creation, special to God, called with an individual purpose and perfectly equipped to fulfill it. Their education is learning to pursue who God created them to become as a whole person: physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. This is their true identity as a new creation in Christ.


Our Approach is Love


As we pursue our identity in Christ, love is the relational umbrella that covers everything and transforms hearts and minds. That is why we reference Mark 12:28-31 in our vision statement. When Jesus was asked, “… of all the commandments, which is most important?”, Jesus said it was “… to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength… The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself.” In a parallel passage in Matt 22:40 He added “On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets”.

The preeminence of love is essential to the understanding of our Mission, Vision and Core Values (or Culture of Honor). In just a few words Jesus said that everything in scripture flows out of these two commandments: To love God and to love others. We were created to walk with Him in love. All scripture is given to help us understand the nature of that relationship and what true love looks like. God does not just want us to obey His commandments, he wants us to understand His commandments and to inter-nalize why they are expressions of love and to fall in love with them. To obey His commandments without under-standing is Christian indoctrination. To obey His com-mands and understand how they express love is transfor-mational. Our goal is hearts and minds transformed by love, it is not Biblical indoctrination. 


Our Commitment is to Authentic Christian Living


It is critical that we nurture and strengthen these principles in our staff. The board strongly affirms Mr. Yoder and Mr. Fuller as role models and mentors in helping to shape this idea of authentic Christian living in the Kingsway community. We are committed to this pursuit. It flows directly from the heart of God and it is so precious to Him that it cost Him His Son.


Our Prayer is for Unity in Christ


Our prayer is for hearts and minds that are united in the pursuit of what is most important to Christ. May Kingsway students learn truth that sets them free to pursue every-thing that God created them to become, filled with a deep understanding of His love and putting that love on display in a world starving for authentic relationships. 

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