College Credit Plus

We will be hosting a College Credit Plus (CCP) informational meeting on Thursday, January 14th at 6:30pm in the gym. This program gives students the opportunity to earn college credit before high school graduation. Tuition, fees, and books are provided at no cost to the parent if the child successfully completes the courses. It is important to note that all non-public school students are required to apply for funding.

Currently enrolled students in grades 7-11 who are interested in pursuing CCP classes for next school year, as well as their parents, are highly encouraged to attend this event. Attending the meeting and taking home the materials from the meeting is a mandatory first step in the application process.

Our purpose of this meeting is to give a general overview of College Credit Plus, qualifications, application process, procedures, and important deadlines. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, colleges will not be attending this year's meeting. Please note that it is a requirement to attend one of the two sponsored meetings each year to participate in the CCP program. If you are unable to attend this night, please see Jennifer Morosko to set up a parent/student meeting to go over the guidelines. CCP counseling is mandatory for any student who wishes to participate in the program.